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Pre-moistened Refreshment Towel

Marine Industry

100% Cotton, Lemon-scented, Pre-moistened Refreshment Towel
Lemon-scented Refreshment Towels Single Packs - Low Quantity, Quick Ship
  •  This durable cotton terrycloth towel is pre-moistened with distilled  water and mild essential oils.  Use right out of the package or HEAT  THEM UP in the microwave for a "First Class" style cleansing.
  • Full color 3.75" x 1" label applied to white outer packaging.
  • Large size 8" x 8" towels are moistened with distilled water and are Hypoallergenic.
  • Towels  can be heated up in the microwave for 10 seconds for a deep and  satisfying cleansing of hands & face before or after a meal or  anytime a quick freshening up is needed
Warming Oven for Pre-moistened Refreshment Towels
The  small footprint (14" X 11" X 11") is perfect to place on any counter  and each warmer will hold about 60 10"x10" Refreshment Towels. Offer First Class Service with a warm towel! Add our pre-moistened Refreshment Towels, or Refreshment Wipes, to our  waterless hot towel warmer and turn the unit on. Within 30 minutes your  towels are heated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and it will maintain that  temperature throughout the day!   Warmers can hold between 25-60 Cotton  Refreshment Towels depending on towel size and 75 to 100 Refreshment  Wipes.  However, we recommend that you only place as many towels as you will need for the day in the warmer each morning. Lifetime Warranty When used with our towels placed in the oven with packaging intact.  (not taken out of the packaging)
Price: $310.94 each


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