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Which ball

You ask, which ball.

Value Golf Balls
Value golf balls are best suited for beginner or high handicap golfer. Beginner or high handicap golfers are less skilled at the game than their mid-handicapped counterparts. The benefit of using a value ball as a beginner or high handicapper is two-fold. First is distance, everyone wants to crush the ball off the tee, and value golf balls will achieve desired distance. The plastic cover provides less spin and produces a more aerodynamic flight, propelling the ball further. The second is the price point, value balls are half the price of tour balls. Beginner golfers are more likely to lose golf balls, it is far less painful on the wallet when a golfer loses a golf ball to the woods or water. Compared to other golf ball options, most golfers cannot tell the difference when hitting these balls. All popular brands offer a value ball. The top-selling value ball to consider is the Callaway Warbird 2.0. Callaway offers a recognizable name brand at an affordable price, allowing the freedom to spend more money on additional value golf balls or unique golf accessories.
Mid-tier Golf Ball
Mid-tier ball are designed for the intermediate player. This type of golfer gets the occasional par and once and a while, they muster a birdie. The mid-tier ball category incorporates both characteristics from the tour and the value balls. First, the mid-tier provides a lower compression rating - the more the ball compresses, the more energy is transferred from the club to the ball. Compression is helpful for the intermediate golfer because it allows for more distance off the tee without having to produce a super-fast swing speed. Second, the softer ball creates more spin around the greens, improving a golfer's short game control and help lower scores. Mid-tier balls are generally three-piece golf balls with urethane or surlyn covers and are offered at a lower price than the tour ball without compromising feel and control. The mid-tier golf ball provides the widest selection of balls. Some of the most popular models in this category are the Titleist Tour Soft, Callaway SuperSoft, and the Bridgestone e12 Contact.
Tour Performance Golf Ball
Tour Performance balls are multi-layer balls with urethane covers designed for control, feel and spin. Despite the higher price,  the tour performance golf ball represents almost half of the custom logo market, with Titleist® Pro V1® owning the majority of this category. The tour performance ball is designed and targeted for the golfer with the skillset to control and spin their shots. These are typically golfers who are concerned about controlling the ball flight. This control and feel will help improve backspin and ultimately influence where the ball lands on the green. The most popular ball of them all is the iconic Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x. Callaway offers the comparable Chrome Soft, which is a very popular ball played by many tour professionals. Last but not least, the Bridgestone Tour B. Tour B is the ball played by the great Tiger Woods.
If you are curious as to which golf ball is right for you or your client. Here are the things you'll want to consider. What is the level and style of play of the customer? Are they good golfers, occasional golfers, or weekend hackers? While doing your due diligence and researching which ball is right, you'll notice the terms used to describe the ball such as, long, soft, control, and distance. All of this can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, we are experts on the matter and we are here to help, so if you still are uncertain of what golf ball to choose, we are happy to assist you.

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