3 in 1 Loop Power Bank

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3 in 1 Loop Power Bank

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3-in-1 Loop Power Bank
100 @ 14.39 Discounted from 17.98
300 @ 13.14 Discounted from 17.37
500 @ 12.42  Discounted from 16.55

No setup charge
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The 3-in-1 Loop Power Bank is your perfect  on-the-go accessory. This Power bank is a great size to bring along  without any added bulk. Powered at 10,000mAh, the 3-in-1 Loop Power Bank  can keep your mobile phones and tablets charged with no problem. And no  need to look for charging cords as there is a Micro USB Cable attached,  as well as a Lightning Cable & Type-C Adapter built-in to this  power bank to take care of all your charging needs.

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